IPG History

International Program Group was formed in 1983 to provide business intelligence, international marketing strategy and financial risk assessment services to large Aerospace and Defense companies. In 1984, IPG was introduced to a group of ex-Special Forces veterans who specialized in SWAT Training. Through this association, IPG broadened its capabilities to include training for law enforcement, military, and corporate security services.

IPG has now trained over 4000 Personal Protection experts, many of them in Mexico and Latin America. In addition, IPG has provided consulting services to commercial businesses all over the world, including high-risk assignments in Kuwait, Colombia, Bosnia, Mexico, Sudan, Algeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Uganda, Kenya, Brazil, Central and South America and Korea.

Recently, IPG completed specialized training programs for the 20th Special Forces Group, the U.S. Marine 1st Battalion, and other U.S. government entities.

As IPG grows, the executive makeup of the company is constantly improving. The company has been successful in attracting and retaining some of the best management talent in the United States and internationally.