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International Program Group (IPG) Polish Subsidiary Opens

Updated: Feb 20

International Program Group has formed a fully operational Polish subsidiary, IPG Eastern Europe sp.z.o.o. KRS:0001043161. Our CEO, George (Jerzy) Mankowski will focus on opportunities in Poland and the region to assist American defense contractors with direct offset obligations and team-up our prime contractors with major Polish engineering and construction firms for the 411 Billion US dollars reconstruction of Ukraine.

Jerzy will be responsible for major projects in Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Latvia, and Lithuania.
Our IPG offices are located at Brodnica Palace—where the Polish National Anthem was written and is the ancestral home of George (Jerzy) Mankowski.



A Graduate of N.D. University in Belgium and postgraduate from Cambridge University in Economics, Jerzy is also fluent in Polish, French, and English.

With many years of experience with large infrastructure and energy projects, Jerzy was the former director of Tractebel—a 150 year old company and one of the world's largest players in water, energy, and infrastructure projects—in Poland.

If that isn't enough, Jerzy is also one of the founders of I.P.T.G* and is a member of the Polish Economics Society.


IPTG is an association of Polish owners of major companies whose mission is to respect the code of ethics and methods of work originated from Brodnica and the example of Jerzy’s ancestors. Many top executives and members of government are members of the association and were selected after friendly meetings in Brodnica Palace. The association was transformed into an employers union to have a greater impact on legislation.


"International Program Group Eastern Europe (IPG EE sp.z o.o.), a 100% subsidiary of IPG USA, is proud to announce that our company based in the Wielkopolska region of Poland, has passed all formalities and is ready to start its mission of bringing value added and technical expertise to the region, where security and industrial cooperation is vital to the success of our military and NATO Allies. Being close to the area of operation, we are experts in advising on how to operate in a different cultural and decision-making environment."

—Jerzy Mankowski

CEO International Program Group

IPG Eastern Europe (IPG EE sp.z o.o.)


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